The Kissing Booth 2: Surprisingly Sweet (And Outdated) YA Romance

In the sequel to the acclaimed The Kissing BoothElle and Noah continue in their adventures and face unimaginable trials as they experience long distance love and the complications of adolescence. Told with the same corny, teen movie charm, The Kissing Booth 2 doesn’t stray far from the original story but gives audiences a quarantine watch that guarantees plenty of swoon-worthy moments and a cast full of charming characters. 

The Kissing Booth 2 picks up right after the events of the first film. Lee and Elle are still the best of friends, despite the drama of Elle falling for Lee’s brother. Elle and her boyfriend, Noah, are still close and working at their newly formed long distance relationship, leaving Elle in L.A. and Noah off studying at Harvard. Now faced with their senior year and the looming threat of college decisions, Elle and Lee must make the most of their senior year and navigate the slowly shifting change in their relationship as time goes on. From dance competitions to unexpected love triangles, The Kissing Booth 2 doesn’t promise a whole lot for viewers in hopes for quality entertainment, but it does provide just enough humor and sweet moments to keeps teens and their families engaged in the endearing and relatable friendships and relationships on display. 

This movie left me with mixed emotions. The first movie was cheesy and had me rolling my eyes on a number of occasions, but there was still a very human element to it. The embarrassing, messy nature of high school was all too real, and I think that audiences connected well to those themes. But this second installment took the cliches of the first even further. From airport chases to the dreaded love triangle trope, even the most dedicated YA audiences might grow tired of seeing the same old high school story on the small screen. While I think there is some charm buried underneath the layers of stolen ideas and recycled plot lines, The Kissing Booth 2 provides enough entertainment to be passable. 

Elle’s senior year goes haywire as she disconnects with her best friend, suspects her boyfriend of being unfaithful, and struggles with new love she never expected. Told with heart and humor, the second film in this YA series may not win any awards and may even lose the attention of some viewers, but those in search of pure escapism are certain to find comfort and joy in this sappy, teen love story. 

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