So you’re the poet girl of entropy
He is unfortunately likeable
And disastrously funny
He loves the same books as you
You tried, stubbornly you attempted
You talked about love like it wasn’t happening
Hoping for order to assert itself
And gravity to reverse
Fierce little poet
You never stood a chance

The oceans, the skies
That afflicting starlight
Your heart bleeds tragedy
You write yourself
Into breaking apart
Undeniable entropy
He’s all you can see
You doomed yourself
For a handwritten note
Entropy, my darling
You’re falling unevenly
And the words stumble out
Romantic poetry
Amused tragedy
He will never take your hand
You will build a story
And he will build a life
He won’t put you in it

Such is your fate
Purveyor of entropy
And condolences



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