One of the best things about reading is that you have the chance to experience a life of things that aren’t available to you or to think of things in a completely new way. This happens when we take a step outside of ourselves and read diversely. When we read books beyond our own proverbial lanes, we can better understand each other, and it’s also a chance to support authors who are underrepresented in the industry.

Here at Germ, we wanted to encourage you all to make a conscious effort to read diversely in 2016, so we’ve devised a reading challenge for you! There are 24 items on the list to motivate you to find new books to read.

There are no hard and fasts rules with this challenge, so feel free to interpret each item as you’d like. For example, one of the items is to read a romance. You could take this to mean reading what is widely considered a romance novel or simply reading a book that focuses primarily on a romantic relationship. You should also feel free to find one individual book for each item or to find a book that could check off multiple items at once. It’s all up to you!

Below you’ll find an image checklist that you can save and reference throughout the year. You can also join our Goodreads group to see book suggestions and to share your own.

Here’s to reading well in the new year!

2016 Reading Challenge



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