The Seven Healthy Habits of Highly Successful Students

Iback to schoolt’s that time again. The school year is upon us, and whether you welcome the shifting afternoon light and the chance to return to a scholarly routine or curse the first day of school like a case of the stomach flu, it’s coming friends. So, let’s get this rig moving in the right direction. To make this transition back to school smooth at any level, there are a few steps you can take to stay ahead of the pack. Middle school, high school, or college — the same formula applies. A few simple but intentional changes will make your life at school a breeze, so take notes!

The Seven Healthy Habits of Highly Successful Students:


First, get some SLEEP!

It’s easy to fall into a habit of staying up too late watching movies and hanging out with friends. That’s cool as long as no alarm buzzes with urgency at 6:30 am, like it’s going to all school-year-long. Those endless nights are over. Start going to bed earlier now so you will be able to get at least 8 full hours of sleep. We gals need our beauty rest so our beautiful minds can function at top speed.

Second, get it DONE!

Is there something you really want to complete before the school year starts? An art project? A favor you wish to return? A trip you didn’t take? Now is the time. You don’t want left-over distractions and unfinished business weighing you down. Start the year right by giving it your full attention.

Third, get your STUFF!

Go out and get your school supplies, new clothes, backpacks, whatever it is you need to be prepared. Don’t procrastinate if you don’t have to.

Fourth, get ORGANIZED!

Once you have everything you need, don’t just leave it there in the shopping bag until it’s time to catch the bus. Take the time to consider what you have and what you might still need, and get your backpack or school bag together. Organize your items in a neat and logical way so you know where everything is when you need it.

Fifth, get a PLAN!

A little reflection can go a long way, particularly if school wasn’t “all that” last year. Why not? What 3 things could you do to make this year the best yet? Do you want a job? Are you ready for some new friends?  Up for joining the drama club? It’s ultimately up to you to take responsibility for your own happiness and success at school. Step out of your usual boundaries this year and make a positive change. Dare to take a thoughtful risk, and watch the doors of possibility open.

Sixth, get Quiet!

What will you do to decompress? It can’t be all books all the time, and you know that feeling when stress starts to creep in.  Have a way to blow off some steam and tension during the school year. Rekindle a past interest — like running or journal writing — or learn how to meditate. Find a way to go within and take a break. Reward yourself with some inner peace.

Seventh, get an ATTITUDE!

Own who you are positively and proudly. Approach this year with an attitude of gratitude and pay it forward. Appreciate your teachers and mentors, take advantage of the opportunities before you, share useful information with others, and be a helpful and kind presence in your school community. Do something for someone else, and then unforeseen rewards may appear in your life.


Make it a year to remember, and celebrate. Operation Education here we come!

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