The Seven Torments of Amy and Craig: Painful Breakups and Untimely Hamster Deaths

“During our relationships, those periods of calm and joy between the inevitable periods of disaster and doom that followed, things were awesome. At least at the beginning.” —Don Zolidis

Craig and Amy are on one moment and off the next, a rollercoaster of teen angst. In The Seven Torments of Amy and Craig, Don Zolidis tells an equally heartbreaking and humorous romance that is completely relatable and impossible not to love. Both in the past and in the present, Craig and Amy explore teen love and the joy and despair that is certain to follow.

The Seven Torments of Amy and Craig details the romance and breakups of one couple as they face trials and fall in love, their lives intersecting both for the good and for the bad. Starting with a breakup and following the various memorable moments that made up their relationship, the story follows the two teens, both trying to find themselves and one another. As Craig pursues Amy, Amy seems to question their relationship, resulting in constant breakups. Both brokenhearted and struggling to understand their complex relationship, Craig details what went right and, more importantly, what went wrong between him and Amy, providing a wickedly-funny narrative and a story that will leave readers laughing and reaching for tissues simultaneously.

From untimely hamster deaths to the awkward teen love, Don Zolidis provides one of the funniest and heartfelt stories I’ve read in quite some time. Craig was an all-too-relatable narrator, and the tragedy and humor of the novel was spot on. After reading, it is impossible not to see the close relation this book has to one of my favorite films, 500 Days of Summer, but this time dealing with teenagers. Zolidis captures teen life perfectly and provides a striking and memorable story teens are certain to enjoy and read over and over again.

Craig wants to love Amy, but sometimes things don’t work out like you plan. The Seven Torments of Amy and Craig brings the insecurities and complications of young love as well as the humor found within the pain. This novel is hilarious, charming, and completely human—a book that anyone who has been hurt by love will relate to. Will Craig and Amy be able to find their happy ending, or will their romance flicker out as quickly as it started?

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