The Shower by Snimar

As I stand in the shower today,
my thoughts wander to the days when the
sun used to be brighter and the air more free.
When life used to be a fairytale,
when flowers used to be more sweet smelling.
But things have changed.
Now the sun makes me sweat and the air suffocates me.
Life is an endless cycle of wounds and lesions.
I almost trip on the soap that lies beneath my feet,
Just how I tripped over you.
The water touches my body and washes away every touch of yours–
Your touch that was always more physical than emotional.
I let the tears roll down my face in the shower, pretending it’s the water
and ignoring the salinity of it.
Because I am not weak.
You used me, physically and emotionally,
and now
I’m drenched in the water and I feel I’m sinking.
I’m sinking in the shower.
Someone save me.


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