I remember last year around this time, a lot of attention was being given to human trafficking in connection with the Super Bowl — which makes sense since major sporting events are prime targets for human traffickers. While the issue is just as important this year as it was last year, I feel like it hasn’t been talked about as much.

Human trafficking exists worldwide, but what we often don’t realize or can’t believe is that human trafficking also exists in the United States. It’s right in our backyard, and we aren’t doing enough to stop it. Great organizations such as A21 and the End It Movement are doing their best to raise awareness and bring people to action, but these campaigns only work if we, the people, actually get involved.

If you are going to the game today, please be careful. If you see anyone suspicious, alert security. The buddy system isn’t enough today. Stay with a group. Stay safe.

If you aren’t going to the game, which the majority of us aren’t, still use this time as a wake up call. Human trafficking exists at events as public and traditional as the Super Bowl. It is time that we took a stronger stand to force change.


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