Two years ago I decided to attend an all-girls private high school near my house. I had abandoned the hallowed halls of my middle school, left all my friends, and started at a new school with the hope of having an awesome experience. So far in my life, it is the best decision I have made.

To start off, I am going to bust any common misconception you may have about going to an all-girls school. First, we do not wear skimpy schoolgirl outfits with clip-on ties. Second, there is not immeasurable drama that results in 24/7 crying. Lastly, YES, we do know boys outside of school.

Well, now that I sagirl readingid everything that’s not true about an all-girls high school, I present to you all of the true things the movies do not tell you.

First, going to a school full of girls means one thing: There is no one to impress. Since the moment I stepped through the doors of my school, I can honestly say that I have worn makeup no more than three times.

Surprisingly, this is not an uncommon thing. When a girl does wear makeup, everyone notices. A little bit of mascara warrants a huge amount of compliments, and you hear “hey, you look different today” endlessly.

In addition, after high school I think my hair may be stuck in a permanent messy bun. From the second I wake up in the morning to the minute I go to sleep, my hair is piled up on top of my head, held together with a single hair tie. Truthfully, I have no reason to wake up more than 10 minutes before I need to walk out the door. Eating a simple breakfast, getting dressed, and brushing my teeth are the three things that get my morning started right — unlike in my co-ed middle school when I woke up ridiculously early to straighten my hair and demonstrate the very little makeup skills I possessed.

Second, you will eat more at an all-girls school than any other place in your life. Every single event is celebrated with either an ice cream social or a pizza party. Going back for seconds is commendedpicjumbo.com_IMG_0993, and no food ever goes to waste. Get used to it. The administration of the school knows that the key to a girl’s heart is junk food, and they will exploit that for the four years you are there.

Third, emotions are constantly running high in the school. It is not infrequent to hear someone crying over a test grade, a boy band, or a fictional character. Yet, the sisterhood around you will get you through any tough time you have. There is never a lack of hugs or shoulders to cry on.

Lastly, every single day is an opportunity to have fun. There are always laughs to join in on and girls to bond with. In a world where women are constantly trying to tear each other down, the sisters you make demonstrate the exact opposite. You will be constantly motivated and supported. After all, hundreds of other girls have your back.

If I can leave you with some final words of wisdom about attending an all-girls school, they would be: If you have the opportunity to attend one, do it.  The lasting friendships and sisterhood you will gain are undeniably beautiful and worth every second of your time.

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