Technology sucks. It really does. Yes, it saves lives, puts us in contact with people we don’t see often, makes things more efficient, and much more. BUT…

Technology has evolved like crazy. Suddenly these mobile phones of ours are consuming our lives. I love a good social media website like any of us, but though I use it a lot, I absolutely hate it.

When my grandfather died last year, it really put things into perspective for me. I would go onto my phone and see someone I follow posting a picture of them at the beach or at the pool or a selfie or a “positivity post” or something — anything really. And it made me angry. I would think, “My grandfather just died, and you’re posting a picture of your tanned legs? What is this?” Of course, I realize that I sound like a hypocrite; I was in a different state of mind back then. Nowadays I don’t have a problem with those sorts of pictures. But back then I just realized how insane this whole thing is. What is it really good for? Yes, it builds confidence, but it also brings insecurities to the table. If we eliminated social media, would they both cancel out?

We waste so much time — so much time we could spend doing other things. The worst part is when I go out with friends or whatever and the entire time I’m wishing I had my Snapchat out because that would make a funny video, or when I’m at a concert and constantly taking photos instead of actually enjoying it, or when I would go somewhere just for the view — not to stare out at it but to snap a picture for Instagram. I hate it. It has taken over. I want to live. I want to experience things. I want to leave my phone turned off for days. But now — what would happen to my beloved “Snapchat Streaks”? What has this world come to? I hate how technology has consumed me, us, everyone.

Not even just social media, but other parts of technology included. Computer games allow children to be locked in their rooms for days on end just because they’re so obsessed with it. And it never ends; there’s always the new game or the new XBOX or the new iPhone out that we just HAVE to have. Technology wastes money, time, and life in general. We are missing out. I wish I could experience a time where technology wasn’t a thing. I wish I could be bored and see what I could make out of so much extra time. There would be more talent, more hobbies being pursued, and more excitement in general. Years ago they might have dreamed of such a perfect world like ours. I dream of an era of their kind: independent.

I will probably never get to teach my child to drive. They will have cars that drive themselves by then. Is that a good thing? It limits accidents, yes, but what happens when someone chooses to do the wrong thing? Back to square one. I want to teach my child to drive. I want to experience it.

I don’t want eBooks to rule the world. There is nothing better than a paperback: the smell, the texture, the heaviness. The wet pages after reading a sad novel. The memories. Feeling the same paper and remembering what you felt the last time you touched them. Technology needs to slow down. What are we really gaining here?

This world will be ours soon. We need to be careful. We need to slow down. We need to reconsider the choices we are forcing upon our future children and their children and their grandchildren. We can change our fate.

Get off your phone. Turn it off. Throw it under your desk for a day. Lose all your streaks. Use a camera instead so you aren’t as tempted to share your photos. Let them be yours and only be seen by you. Remember them for the memories and not for the amount of likes. Grow up to teach your children what life is really about — and not through the lens of an iPhone. Live more. Text less.


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