The Truth About Your Halloween Costume Choice

It’s that time of year again. The time of craving carved creations and strangely satisfying scary faces. It seems, though, that before we realize it, we are out of time when it comes to a costume choice. “But I could’ve sworn I wrote down my idea earlier this year. Gosh, I had so many.” And you end up going as something you found rather than thought about. Or maybe you have prepared this costume since Valentine’s Day was over with, and now you find yourself having cold feet.

This year round, why don’t you change your approach to the decision of your costume? See, I believe that your costume has the unmistakable potential of portraying the truth about you. It is much more than a character you choose to mask yourself with. It is the very impersonation of you, your thoughts, and your personality — if you allow it. Now there may be some vulnerability concerns, but you need not worry because people are oblivious. This may very well be the only chance you have to dress up as yourself.

If you find yourself constantly trying to decide which mask to put on next, this may be the perfect time to take a breather and do Halloween in a costume that represents your true self. The beauty of it is that you don’t jeopardize any of the hard work you’ve put into those masks because it will seem like yet another one of your beautiful creations. Human beings are selfish creatures, even if we strive not to be. We arrive at parties self-conscious, uneasy, and ready to hear what everyone’s opinion is about our choice of costume — waiting impatiently to keep the score between compliments and criticisms. Seems tiring to me. Why would you occupy your night with those thoughts if you could be basking in the comfort of your own skin? Glowing. Wouldn’t it be great to be responsible for generating all those shadows just by being your own you?

Ask yourself some questions to get you started on this: What color would display you best, and why? Do you believe yourself to be a hero or a villain, and with that said, just keep in mind that being a villain and being evil is not the same thing. Most villains don’t know any better or just can’t seem to break through a stronghold, and that doesn’t make them a bad person. Are you an approachable person? These answers will determine which costume will be perfect for you.

Take a breath and take a single step in this direction. The more you allow your thoughts to wander through that maze mind of yours, the sooner you’ll find the reward; and, before you know it, you will discover the exact costume that defines you. Don’t border your imagination. Remove the perfectly packed picket fence and see where it takes you. If your imagination doesn’t scare you, it’s not wild enough.

Give your appearance the capacity to represent the truth about you.

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