No matter what the roadblocks may be, this is a major deal. You’ve already heard of it, surely, but in case you haven’t, the video above explains things pretty well. Basically, the two biggest polluters in the world have agreed to pollute less.

Mitch McConnell and his oil-worshippers don’t like it, of course (polluting less just flat-out goes against their wanting to constantly pollute more), and Mitch even says the deal means that China doesn’t have to do anything for sixteen years. He is, once again, wrong about some things. Read about why he’s wrong in this wonderfully extensive Grist article by Ben Adler. And be sure to take note of how kind-of genius the whole US-China deal really is.

Mitch and his clan — including Joni Ernst (hog castrator extraordinaire) — will do everything in their power to keep the oil flowing just as fast and oily as ever, but the deal marks a big step for the world, nevertheless. No, it’s not enough, but it’s the best move we’ve made so far toward enough, and it’s a call that other developing nations can more readily follow.








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