In the summer months, temperatures get warmer and beach days get longer. However, once you satisfy your saltwater craving for the day, you may want to go out and explore. Whether it’s going to dinner, checking out quaint shops in whichever beach town you’re in, or simply enjoying the coastal air, a perfect outfit is a must. An overflowing beach bag is not ideal, so here are the top styles that double as trendy beach attire, as well as fashionable pieces to wear afterwards.


Rompers are the heart and soul of summer fashion, not to mention their convenience. Instead of struggling to pick out a matching outfit, rompers are simply one piece, which is why everyone should turn to this efficient trend in a fashion crisis. Most rompers are made with light and flowy materials, and they serve as perfect beach cover-ups. Throw on a pair of sandals or wedge heels, and you’re perfectly outfitted for any post-beach endeavor.

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Palazzo Pants

Pants? In the summer? Yes, you heard right. Palazzo pants have been all the rage in recent years, and their lightweight construction makes them easy to sport on the beach, even on the most scorching hot days. To dress these pants up after you hit the waves, pair with a crop top and a comfortable sandal.

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Headbands are essential for taming your hair when under the blistering summer sun. On the beach, use a headband to keep your locks back for tanning, playing an intense game of beach volleyball, or so you don’t look wind-blown. After the beach, put your hair in a messy bun (or keep your newfound beach waves), and complete the look with the same headband. Especially if your going-out attire is basic, use this versatile hair accessory to to make it stand out!

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Peasant Tops

Peasant tops are among the beachiest of bohemian clothing. Even though most are long-sleeved, you can easily wear these tops as cover-ups due to their delicate and flowy style. Following a beach day, transform a peasant top into a boho-inspired look, wearing either high-waisted shorts, a maxi skirt, or long jeans (depending on how dressy you want to look) with this style.

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Gladiator Sandals

Going beyond the average flip flop, gladiator sandals are probably the most popular shoe of the summer. These sandals are best for long walks on and off the beach, as most pairs rank highly in regards to comfort level. They are stylish seaside when worn with a fashion-forward cover-up. After your day at the shore, gladiator sandals are best paired with a romper, maxi dress, or your typical shorts and T-shirt combination to ensure the trendiest of outfits when going out on the town.

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