This story is one of the May Writing Challenge entries chosen to be a featured story.

The world was a whirlwind of mist and fury.

Lightning heralded the roars of thunder, which wove through the crying winds and crashing rains, fabricating a harmony that rang through her vast inner realms, like a soul-stirring magical hymn, the notes more heart-wrenching and mind-altering than any pianos or guitars could ever make.

For too long, she had been drifting aimlessly. Drifting, and yet shackled in chains of iron that wrapped around her mental freedom to leash her untamed dreams, to mute her vibrant colours to silent, gray submission.

Now, she walked through that storm, her footsteps masked by the incessant pattering of rain, her form obscured by the misty, shimmering cascades of water, the enlightening transformation she was undergoing unseen and unheard by the rest of the tainted world.

Because now, for the first time in a while, her face was alight with a breathtaking radiance that spoke volumes about how deeply awestruck she was, how words failed her in this.

She felt her heart dance to nature’s symphonies, felt that crackling energy in the air seep into her, and felt that rhythm hone the energy into blazing anger. She let that red-hot anger burn through the façade she was tired of putting for the sake of reputation. Now, she would be no one but herself. She let the anger melt those chains of iron and forged them into swords to be wielded back onto society.

And so she unleashed herself upon the world, and took to its undoing with wicked delight in her eyes and not the slightest twinge of regret in her heart.




Sumaiya Shabih

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