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Thor and the craziness of Asgard have returned to the big screen with brighter colors, improved humor, and new characters that audiences are sure to love. With an entirely different tone than the previous Thor films, Marvel presents an offbeat, humorous adventure featuring Thor, Loki, and a cast of new and lovable characters as they adventure around the galaxy and face Thor’s greatest challenge yet: his sister, the goddess of death.

The story begins with Thor and Loki realizing that their father is no longer able to rule, and the future of Asgard is uncertain. But when the two brothers come face to face with their evil and power-hungry sister, Hela, the safety and future of Asgard seems to crumble. With Hela set on taking over and ruling Asgard, Thor and Loki strive to stop her before it is too late. Things take a sudden turn, however, when they both find themselves stranded in a distant land, one with public gladiator-esque fights, buildings that touch the sky, and odd beasts of all kinds. Now lost and far from Asgard and Hela, Thor must fight his way to save his people alongside an odd cast of both new and old Marvel heroes.

Thor: Ragnarok was everything I hoped for and more. Not only was the plot very unique and wonderfully weird, but the humor was perfectly paced. While many of the recent Marvel films have taken a more serious and dark tone, Thor brought back the fun and humor of Marvel and is certain to impress fans of all ages. From epic battles of good and evil to futuristic gladiator fights, the latest Thor movies succeeds on so many levels.

My only complaint about the film was that some scenes seemed to drag, and there were plenty of random and odd moments that seemed unnecessary to the plot. While some of the scenes felt off, the humor and great sets made up for this small setback, and loyal Marvel fans are sure to be able to look past some of the plot issues, simply enjoying the fun and adventurous tale.

Thor is back and funnier than ever. With the fate of Asgard in his hands and his sinister sister looking to lead their people to wicked and destructive ends, Loki and Thor must fight as a team to save their home and their people, with lava monsters, odd creatures, and epic battles on the horizon. For those looking for a light-hearted, violent, and humorous Marvel experience, Thor: Ragnarok is sure to impress and leave audiences with a smile on their face.

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