In a blink she’s gone, her seat empty
In a blink he no longer walks around the school grounds
In a blink not an echoing laugh is heard
In a blink no guitar note has been found
In a blink they are near
In a blink they were never here
They are far but not gone
We all carry on
But they can’t be grounded forever
They both have wings
And they were built to fly
But eventually far turns into gone
In a breath her humorous voice fades
In a breath his understanding voice is no longer there
Take a deep breath
Wipe the tears
No need to show them the fears
Be strong, never weak
With a hug and a gentle goodbye she’s far
With a call or a text and a soft goodbye he’s gone
“I’ll miss you” stands at the edge of the tongue
“Don’t leave” an ever-present thought
Soon enough the phone
Does not light up with her words
Soon enough the phone
does not light up with his name
No longer far but gone.
They all chose different paths
Yet they all lead back to “Us”
A wish waiting to be granted
“I wish the world was just you and me.”
The strongest relationships
Are the most tragically torn apart
And after many nights
Their voices will sound
Close again
“How did you find me?”
“I’ll always find you.”
They are the stars
Each one radiating their rays of light
She radiates sense
He radiates comfort
The rooted one radiates happiness
Together they are their own constellation
“I am tired.” Echoes and a head rests on a shoulder
Seeking comfort and a refugee from the world
“I know.” Comes the answer
“When will you be home?”
“You are home. We are home.”


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