Spring is a time for rebirth — a time to bring in the new. For girls, this can mean staying aware of what is fresh and chic, whether it’s fashion, hair, makeup, or anything! This spring, however, there seems to be a growing trend. I have noticed that most new 2015 hairstyles are reminiscent of many iconic looks from the 1960s. Many people, including celebrities, are “looking back” as a way to create a new look for themselves. Celebrities such as Jennifer Lawrence and Cara Delevingne are paying tribute to the past while adding their own signature flare. Here are some examples of some ’60s styles that you can use.



The first fashionable look from the ’60s was side bangs:

BridgettB 60s

JenniferG 2015 DONE

Bangs (side bangs) go with just about any hairstyle (long, short, even pixie!), not to mention that they make a total statement. Use them to spruce up boring hair with no life, and even use them in different ways for multiple looks — such as clipping them to the side, braiding them, or just letting them flow.



Another popular look from the 1960s was the elegant pixie:


JenLaw 2015 DONE

As drastic and different as it is, the pixie makes a statement and is growing more and more popular today. In a stylish world where girls ask themselves “To trim or not to trim,” we say, “Trim!” Why not try out that bold look? It’s a fresh growing trend that the usually long-haired girls may tend to lean to. Just because it’s short doesn’t mean that you are limited. There are plenty of fun and beautiful ways to style short hair.



The last look is the famous updo:


CaraD 2015 DONE

The updo is a timeless hairstyle that most celebrities turn to in order to quickly turn a casual look into an elegant, fancy style. Here is where you could even apply the side bang to this look! It’s a very mature trend that could be used for prom, a wedding, or any formal event or dinner.


It doesn’t matter that these signature styles have technically been used before. We can use them to inspire new looks while paying tribute to the past. The ’60s may be over, but its hairstyles sure aren’t! Use the past to inspire the future!

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