Tips for Designing Your College Room

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For all the performance and coolness new college students try to pull off, there is a universal truth at the heart of the experience: Everyone is terrified! However, in many ways, your college room can communicate the opposite. How you decorate and design your room can express parts of your character and personality. But what should you feature? What prized items of yours can perhaps stay at home with your parents? Clearly, even once you’ve bested the challenging college acceptance rates, there’s still a lot to think about here.

Consequently, here are 3 tips to help you design your college room.


Meaningful Decoration Choices

Let’s get the obvious out of the way first: everyone loves meaningful decoration choices. Family photographs, hobby items, posters from your favourite franchises, souvenirs from any travelling you’ve done; it all adds up to say something about yourself. Don’t shy away from these things, even if you want to appear “cool” by being minimalistic. Fight that urge!

So long as you decorate tastefully, you’ll appear to be less of a show off and more of an open person who’s proud of what they love! People gravitate towards other people who are themselves, so if you’re someone who loves soccer and Marvel films, make sure your room communicates that clearly. Who knows, you might be setting up conversations and points for common ground!


Maintain a Clean Space

Yes, it’s perhaps a pointless effort to advise a college student to maintain a clean room. Still, even if you’re a clean freak yourself, chances are that your roomie might not be so inclined to spruce the place up day-to-day. Still, this doesn’t mean you should give up. The more you clean up, the less you’ll trip on things, stub toes, or lose important papers and items amongst all the clutter.

Consequently, try and position some quality shelving units near your work area. This will free up room on your desk and give you a designated spot to store files, paper trays, and writing utensils. When your side of the room has concentrated areas for all of your stuff, you’ll find it much easier to maintain a spotless room in the future.


Light the Room Well

The only thing that’s as important as a clean space is a well-lit one. While sometimes it might be tempting to shut yourself away in your dorm and watch Netflix in the dark, this isn’t too great on your eyes. Maybe a lamp is something that you see as a bit generic, but it can add some serious aesthetic points to your room… depending on the lamp, of course!

Even something as safe as a desk lamp can make your study area seem a little more formal and well-put together. Still, if a safe option doesn’t tick your boxes, then you can invest in glass bottles that once contained liquid but have now been re-purposed with fitted lights inside, serving as a kind of bottle-lamp hybrid! Additionally, you could even invest in some smart technology here. Whether you’re tapping into college drinking culture or have the latest gadgets at your disposal, good lighting can help your eyes as well as your design aesthetic!




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