Letting go is a little like
The feeling of the car stopping
With a goodbye in the air.
We were cruising with our windows down
Belting out lyrics
And all the wrong words
Not caring where we were headed,
Only knowing we were there.
Maybe we were taking the road less traveled
Maybe we were on the Main Street
I don’t know– all I know is I had
You beside me with your face
Lit up like these age-old streets at Christmas.
So I drove and turned the radio dial
As song after song played our memories
And I remember never wanting the
Car ride to end.
It’s not until now that I’ve realized
It was the destinations I feared because they meant
You had to go.
The tires stopped rolling
And letting go is a little like
The sound of the car door opening and then
The raw sound of a goodbye and then
As the engine turns over and off I’m off to a new road.




krista-simpsonKrista Simpson is an 18-year-old girl from the little town of Bedford, Texas. With a crazy family history, she is adopted from Amarillo,Texas, along with her two siblings. She absolutely adores writing, and one of her most prized possessions is her Olympia typewriter. She lives for impulsivity and adventure. She is currently studying English at Texas Woman’s University with a minor in Education and hopes to one day become a novel editor for a publishing company.

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