To My High School Friends I Lost Touch With


I can’t believe that it’s been ten years since we last saw each other. I remember clearly how we used to see each other every day at school. The early morning hellos, the few stolen minutes of chatting in between classes, the hour-long exchanges of stories during lunch breaks, and the short but sweet farewells at the end of the day. When evening fell, we all hung out in an online chat room to talk about what happened at school in detail. Our conversations went on for hours until it was time for us to go bed.

We kept in touch the first two years after graduation. As time went by, daily text messages to each other became twice a week, then once a week, until one day my phone stopped beeping with messages from any of you. What happened to us? What happened to the promise of keeping in touch? You were a huge part of me in high school, and now that part is gone. I don’t want to think about it that way, but every year that’s passed without seeing you or hearing from you is one step closer to our friendship getting broken. As much as I don’t want that to happen, I feel that it’s happening now.

I miss seeing your faces. I miss hearing your voices. I miss us. I miss YOU. Whenever I have a moment, I look at our picture on my dresser hoping that someday we’ll find our way to each other again. You are my friends, and I want you to know that I’m always here for you.


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