Together by Rachel Waring

Your charm is a black hole.
I am an asteroid in orbit.
Together, we are destined for destruction.
Your eyes are pools of acid.
My eyes are cold steel vessels.
Together, we fight a winner-less war.
You are a shot of whiskey.
I am an alcoholic without motivation.
Together, we are blackouts and jail-cells.
Your laugh is a siren call.
My ears are sailors missing home.
Together, we are a waterlogged tragedy.
You are a swarm of wasps.
I am lost and deathly allergic.
Together, we are poison-drenched veins.
Your “love” is an all-consuming fire.
My heart will never be fireproof.
Together, happy endings do not exist.





Rachel WaringRachel Waring is a sophomore at Christopher Newport University. She is studying for her Bachelor’s Degree in Communication Studies and a minor in Philosophy and Religious Studies.

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