Have you ever looked at someone and thought, Wow — they’re so cool? That’s how I look at you. Well, how I did. Until I saw you in the hallway with her freshly painted nails intertwined with your messy hair. The world stopped spinning at that moment and then the sun stopped boiling at the insane degree that it does. And I stopped, as all the heat that once filled the sun ran into my cheeks, leaving my face so scarlet, you could chop it up and put it on a BLT and wouldn’t be able to tell the difference. Remember a few weeks ago when I said “hi” to you in the hallway? You wouldn’t, since you didn’t see my smile, now dissolved into the cracks of the tiles, as you continued. Eyes draining out everything around you with their sea glow. I was a mess that whole week; too bad it was a Monday. Too bad I lost everything inside of me to talk to you again. Too bad her hands are on your rosy cheeks and you’re wrapped up in your own little world, as too am I.




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