by Grace Korynta

I open my phone again

And it glares back at me

“School Shooting, Six Dead”

Three kids
Three teachers

These kids were nine years old
They never got to hold up both their hands
And say in their sweet little innocent voices, “I’m this many years old” 


These teachers were also parents
They were role models to these students

They were safe places

Whether sixty or nine,

No one deserved the outcome of this tragic Monday

Six people too many

My head aches as my heart breaks
For the parents who lost their children

For the students who lost their teachers

To something so evil and so violent

This pain feels too much
Imagine getting a call on a random Monday
Hearing someone tell you that your innocent baby isn’t going to come home from school

School – a place that should be safe
A random monday turned so tragic

I am haunted by their screams and their cries

Too often

129 mass shootings in less than four months is too many

Too many

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