Top 5 Summer Treats

#5: Gummy Worm Fruit Pops


These treats are great for warm summer days. They are extremely easy to make and even more fun to eat. If you really want to be able to see your worms, I recommend using a very light pink drink. In mine, I used strawberry kiwi juice, and while it tasted really good, you couldn’t see the worms very well until you were eating them. See the recipe at


#4: S’mores Dip


This s’mores dip is a must-have recipe for any family gathering. This sweet dish takes about 10 minutes to make and even less time to eat. I think this would be perfect for a big group gathering where everyone wants s’mores, but you might not have the time for each person to make their own. My recommendation is to use a little more butter than you think is necessary; otherwise, the chocolate at the bottom will start to get crumbly and burnt before the marshmallows are ready. See the recipe at


#3: Watermelon Jello


This recipe is by far the cutest one I tried out. Not only do you get to enjoy watermelon the first time around, but you get to enjoy the watermelon again once you fill it with jello and eat your fake (but fairly realistic looking) jello watermelon. The recipe I found was for jello shots, but it is just as easy to make the exact same recipe without putting in the alcohol. See the recipe at


#2: Rainbow Fruit Kabobs


These treats are perfect for any day. They are fun to look at and to eat. They are a really great, healthy way to cool down after a long day. I would recommend not using oranges, as it shows on the website. I tried it and found them extremely difficult to work with and even harder to keep on the kabob. See the recipe at


#1: Magic Sprite Potion


This was the winner with my family. Everyone loved how easy they were to make and how the Kool-Aid really did change the color and taste of the drink. It was fun to try and to see how many different flavors I could taste as the ice cubes melted. If you can’t find three different Kool-Aid flavors, other beverage mixes work just as well. See the recipe at



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