Shot I:
He wishes to forget the moment he first met her
He wishes he couldn’t remember the colour of her eyes

Shot II:
The tequila stings his throat and burns his lungs
But nothing hurts quite as bad as losing her

Shot III:
The tequila tasted like acid
But not quite as corrosive as the taste of regret on his tongue

Shot IV:
He wonders how many shots he has left to take
Before it’s acceptable to send her a text saying, “I miss you”

Shot V:
He knows he should take it easy on the shots
But he never listened to himself, not when it came to her

Shot VI:
She was both harmless and dangerous
The perfect mix of intoxication

Shot VII:
He begins to feel sick, nauseous
Like the moment he realized she was doing him more harm than good

Shot VIII:
He feels the urge to puke
He wants to puke every thought of her out of his system

Shot IX:
The restroom reeks of piss and alcohol
But he could have sworn he was breathing in the scent of her sickening-sweet perfume

Shot X:
He hurls the remnants of his dinner
And his distorted memories of her down the toilet bowl

Shot XI:
The tequila tasted nothing like
The sweet, enticing lies of happily ever after she had promised him

Shot XII:
Maybe he was addicted to her
Or maybe he was addicted to her lies, he couldn’t tell which was more toxic

Shot XIII:
He wishes to forget the moment he first met her
He wishes to forget the colour of her eyes

Shot XIV:
Fourteen shots
And yet he still stops short at the thought of her




Marisa Yow is 15 years old, and she lives in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. She is exceptionally good at binge-watching Korean dramas or any Netflix series, obsessing over Stranger Things (which is her current obsession), crying over movies and books (like full on, ugly and snotty sobbing), laughing at her own jokes, and petting dogs. She’s an avid lover of the rainy days, old movies, desserts, and Christmas. More of her work can be found at, and you can find her on Wattpad at; she’d love to be friends!

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