Trailer Tuesday: Deadpool

Ryan Reynolds is Deadpool! Reynolds played the character Deadpool in X-Men Origins: Wolverine, but it seems that this movie will be setting the storyline straight.

Deadpool’s sense of humor and sarcasm is bound to make this another entertaining movie based on the Marvel comics.

My favorite part of the trailer? “Please don’t make the super suit green… or animated!” Reynolds’ line in the trailer undoubtedly refers to his other superhero role of Green Lantern — one of the DC hero movies that did not do very well.

However, this movie is being made by 20th Century Fox to accompany future storylines with X-Men and Fantastic Four. This explains the different tone of the trailer and the more crass, raunchy humor in comparison to Marvel Studios productions (Captain AmericaAvengers, etc.).

The Red Band trailer shows a taste of just how dirty this movie may actually be, so watch with caution if you decide to seek out the Red Band trailer.

While I do love superhero movies, the amount of vulgar jokes and language will make me think twice before seeing this movie (not to mention 20th Century Fox’s recent failure with Fantastic Four).


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