I have extremely mixed feelings for Frozen 2, especially since Frozen ended well, tied up all the loose ends, and seemed very…final. I have no idea what they’re going to do for the next movie, and they’re definitely going to have to try and come up with some pretty good songs to compete with the level of the first movie.

Since they are making a sequel, hopefully they will at least learn from their mistakes. As a music friend pointed out to me a while ago, Frozen is a musical, but the very last song in the movie is the song with the trolls. There’s no ending reprise, no song to bring the whole thing together with a great finale — just ice skating and a lot of hugging.

Since we don’t yet have trailer for this announced sequel to Frozen, above is the trailer for “Frozen Fever,” a short film that’s accompanying Disney’s Cinderella in theaters. Yet another gimmick to make people want to go and watch Cinderella — because apparently Disney thought no one would see it on their own. (Seriously, though, did anyone else see Cinderella gimmicks and advertisements everywhere they went and in every show they watched? I’m talking about advertisements being “subtly” slipped into other shows…)

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