I have so many mixed feelings about this movie. First off, it is going to be so sad. It begins with their relationship crumbling and flashes back to how it all began and to the good ol’ days of when they were happy and completely in love. However, seeing them happy just makes the end of their love all the more tragic.

Why then will I definitely go see The Last Five Years anyway? Jason Robert Brown, Jeremy Jordan, and Anna Kendrick. I am so excited about this magical combination. I have respected and adored composer Jason Robert Brown ever since the music majors at my school gushed over him and introduced his wonderful music to me.

I don’t even know where to start with Jeremy Jordan. I first heard his beautiful, amazing, majestic voice in the TV show Smash, and I have since fallen more and more in love every time he sings. Look up the Broadway shows Newsies and Bonnie & Clyde with Jeremy Jordan, and you will understand what I’m talking about.

Anna Kendrick won me over with Pitch Perfect, and she’s recently proven her singing chops once again with the movie Into the Woods.

Suffice to say, I was so excited when I heard that The Last Five Years was being turned into a movie, and I cannot wait for it to come to theaters. Even though the story may be overall tragic, the music will definitely make it worth it.

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