As the saying goes, “New year, new me,” which also means it’s time for the new fashion trends. With 2017 just beginning, let’s take a look back at the most iconic styles from 2016.


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Chokers have once again made an appearance in the fashion world and were considered one of the hottest accessories of 2016.

Chokers were extremely popular during the grunge era of the 1990s and before that in the 1970s. These snug-fitting necklaces can be made from various types of material, such as plastic, leather, velvet, and more. Chokers can also be adorned by different types of charms.

They’re usually styled with tops that have a low V-cut or off-the-shoulder tops. They can even be worn how they were in the ’90s, which was typically with flannels.

Several celebrities, including Kendall Jenner, Ariana Grande, Taylor Swift, and more, were spotted sporting chokers throughout 2016.


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1950s fashion reemerged in 2016 when stores everywhere stocked up on bodysuits.

Bodysuits were first introduced by fashion designer Claire McCardell in the 1950s. From there, they were used as blouses and turtlenecks. They are most commonly made out of cotton, nylon, and lace.

The main purpose of bodysuits is to keep the top from coming untucked, and they’re usually paired with a pair of jeans or a skirt. In most bodysuit designs, the fabric clips together at the bottom. This makes it simple to take them on and off.

Kim Kardashian, Selena Gomez, and Rihanna are a few celebrities who were photographed wearing bodysuits in 2016.


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Rompers are a mix of a dress and shorts, allowing them to be both comfortable and stylish. This made for the perfect outfit in 2016.

Romper suits made their debut in the 1990s, originally presented as playwear due to their stretchy material. Most are made out of thin, lightweight material such as satin, cotton, and other fabrics.

Unlike the other styles on this list, rompers can’t be worn in many different ways. They can be worn alone and can sometimes even be paired with a cardigan or jacket. Rompers have the ability to make any outfit look elegant with half the effort.

Blake Lively, Lucy Hale, and Emma Watson were just a few of the celebrities clad in rompers during 2016.


Slip Dresses
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Slip dresses have made their comeback, popping up all over the world as a fashion statement in 2016.

Diana, Princess of Wales, was the first to be seen out in public wearing a slip dress back in 1996. Slip dresses are dresses that seem very similar to an underslip, usually made with spaghetti straps. The materials vary from satin to chiffon.

Slip dresses permit for a lot of creativity. Although they can definitely be worn alone, they are most commonly worn with t-shirts underneath, with jackets, or even with a flannel or shirt tied around your waist.

Many women wore slip dresses in 2016. Anne Hathaway, Jennifer Lawrence, and Katy Perry are only a few celebrities on this list.







2016 was a spectacular year for the fashion world, whether it was new styles or old ones making their return. As some of these styles join us in 2017, there should be an outbreak of several new ones. What will you be rocking in 2017?

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