How to Love Yourself

Tyrannosauruslexxx gives us all a great recipe for learning to love ourselves more. I’ve typed out her main points below, but watch the video as she beautifully explains what she means by each one. The one I struggle with the most? Knowing my own worth. At times “knowing my worth” can seem selfish and almost prideful, so I tend to shy away from it; but, then I risk feeling inferior and in much need of a pep talk.

This video is definitely being moved to my “Favorites” playlist on my YouTube account for days when I need a reminder that I am worth being loved by myself and others.

So, it’s not bad, unattractive, or selfish for a woman to love herself. As Lex conveys so well near the end of her video, it’s great to love yourself as long as you don’t treat people worse because you think you’re better.


Lex’s recipe for loving yourself:

-Stop putting yourself down

-Have “me” time: treat yourself, indulge yourself

-See how you relate to other people: does someone only bring negativity to your life?

-Have goals, even if they’re very small: give yourself a sense of achievement

-Know your woth: demand more from the world and the people around you

-Fake it until you make it: pretend you’re confident until you actually are


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