For my birthday, my parents decided to take me out of town — one of the perks of being born over Labor Day weekend. I had heard from several friends about this beautiful chapel in the mountains close to the North Carolina border. It is appropriately nicknamed “Pretty Place.”

However, once we got there, it turned out that the chapel was off limits for the entire day due to a wedding — one of the inconveniences of traveling over Labor Day weekend. So, to not lose the day, we found this to be the perfect opportunity to wander.

We decided to hike on a trail a little further down the mountain, hoping to find the Suspension Bridge, but ended up on a trail to an overlook of the Raven Cliff Falls. To be completely honest, the end result was not as magnificent as we originally thought, but the hike and the journey were both fun and beautiful. And we did it all while carrying my nephew the entire way. That day I learned that my sister-in-law is a rockstar hiker and mom.

Even though the end was not what we expected, I think the experience was definitely still worth it.

Here’s a quick video montage of our wandering adventure!

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