Wander to a place that makes you wonder. Wander to a place that makes you think. Wander to a place that challenges you.
My heart soars each time I am able to witness the ocean sunrise. I wake up extra early, not a sound around me but the gentle waves. The smell of salt in the air. Grab a cup of coffee and venture out to the cold sand.

I wait. I wait for the sky to wake up. I wait for the edge of the ocean’s blue hues to meet the sky’s orange glow. Taking in the change from day to night and how truly beautiful it is. I walk slowly down the sand, cold toes and all. There is no one around, not a soul in sight. A few creatures walk the sand with me. To me, this is the place where I feel most clear in my thoughts. Each time I am in awe of how small each one of us is in the world yet how big of an impact we truly have on it.

I stay here until the sun has made its appearance for the day. The peace that it brings to my soul is inspiring, and I carry this with me.
This is my place.

When you need peace, where do you wander?

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