This is a picture I took of the magnificent view from a boathouse I was staying at.

Greetings from Amsterdam, where pot is legal and people have chocolate sprinkles for breakfast. On my trip to Europe these past few days, wandering the streets along the canals while avoiding getting run over by the ever present stream of bikes in every which direction has put into perspective life as I, or rather we, know it.

I read a quote in a magazine once that read: “Travel and discovering other cultures is the only thing that kept me from believing that my way of thinking was the right one.” This is why I love to travel more than anything else; every time you get off that plane and into a country different than your own, it’s like you are temporarily floating in an alternate universe, and you have no choice but to enjoy the ride.

Although I can safely say I know a total of two words in Dutch, it hasn’t taken away from the historic beauty of this lovely place. This feeling of discovery is my bright place. You don’t have to be halfway around the world to feel it, though. Discovery can be discovered anywhere and everywhere. You just have to carry a pinch of patience and a dash of curiosity wherever you may go.




Nuria Bahr
Bali, Indonesia

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