1429451961444I was wandering with one of my best friends even before I read the book. That’s the reason why we didn’t take something with us or leave something. Maybe that will change now.

We’re living in the middle of Germany in a town which is the perfect size for us. Our first wandering was to Kanoa; it’s a place on a river, and you can sit there and put your feet in the water. We were there with a blanket and candles and our books and bikes (we weren’t allowed to drive with a car). And we just sat there and read and talked. Then it was getting dark. We lit the candles and read. Then it was getting cold, so we cuddled under the blanket and looked to the stars. The whole time we heard the rushing water. The place isn’t called Kanoa, but we call it so because in Hawaiian the meaning of Kanoa is “the free one.” We thought that it was a lovely name for a lovely place.

The next time we were wandering, we went to the Plesse; it’s a castle about 15 miles away. We were riding our bikes because I don’t have a car and wasn’t allowed to drive. It was evening time, a half an hour till sunset. After riding through the woods, we were sweaty when we were on the wall of the castle. But the view was amazing.

IMG-20150818-WA0000The little village to our feet, the orange red sky, and the moon. It wasn’t cold. We sat there and looked and talked and kept silent. Always after a wandering, we say that we have to wear warmer clothes, and always before one, we say it’s not that cold. We sat on the wall with two blankets, and it was getting really cold after two hours of just sitting. But we didn’t want to go home, so we stayed a little bit longer. There was a little cat at our feet; she was so cute, but she didn’t want to go on top of the wall.

On our way back we went another way. Through the woods. One year ago I had gone this way, but with friends who know the way and it wasn’t dark that time. So we rode, not really sure if it was the right way. And then I made the biggest mistake I could do. I said, “Now we can play slender man in real life.”

Don’t ever think about the slender man when you only have a flashlight on your bike or in your hand. Just don’t. Especially when you’re in the woods.




Author: Lea Werder
Wander Partner: Lena

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