This incredibly powerful call to action by Chaz Smith for OneStudentOrg powerfully addresses rape and sexual assault and lays down some serious truth. In it, Smith directly addresses men, and politely but firmly calls them out and explains how men lend to rape culture and how they can do their part to end it. He also breaks down exactly how you can support survivors of sexual assault and how men can do their part in reducing the problem.

This video is an excellent primer on exactly who and what needs to be addressed for rape culture to end. A message like this is especially relevant now, given how many campus rape cases have been reported recently.

It’s hard not to despair that the problem is only getting worse, so it’s wonderful to see someone — especially a male someone — stand up and eloquently address what the problem is and how to fix it.

Ultimately, Smith leaves us with three very important rules: “love people, respect people, and do not assault.”
We couldn’t agree more.

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