What Mums Mean to Us and How to Spoil Them This Mother’s Day

Your mother is not always the person who brought you into this world. Maybe she adopted you a few years in, or maybe she married your father after you were born. A mother is not defined as who gave birth to you but rather who has nurtured you like a parent should since the moment she met you. Blood does not mean love. Love does not mean blood. They love you unconditionally. They choose you over thousands of other choices they could have had or things they could have done with their life. They drop everything for you — or maybe they don’t, but they are trying. Life is tough, and though it can be significantly hard raising a child on top of that, they do a pretty great job.

That is why we have one day a year that’s just for them. One day to give them a break and let them feel appreciated for everything they do: Mother’s Day. This year it falls on Sunday the 14th of May. Make your Mum feel wonderful. If you have been through some downs with her lately, drop it. Just make her feel special and loved on the one day she needs it most. There are always more important things than the arguments we have, and Mother’s Day is one of them. Celebrate it to a great extent.

Some gift ideas that your mothers may love are listed below. It is always the thought that counts, and creativity is a brilliant way to express this. Money is just an object, and sometimes the cheapest gifts are the most important and the most memorable.

1. A coupon book

I have made my mum lots of these in the past. She has always loved backrubs, so no coupon for 15 minutes of that goes unappreciated. Other things like cooking, cleaning, an early bedtime, a day off, and more will definitely make her smile.

2. Cook for her

Mums get very tired, and coming home after work to have to make dinner is not ideal. Cooking would be a lovely gift for Mother’s Day, even if not on that particular day! You could give her a note that says you will be cooking the next night or weekend or whenever. Any gesture goes a long way.

3. Personalized objects

Anything from mugs to photo frames to tea towels are always better with your or your mother’s faces on it! Names work too! They aren’t often that expensive online — or buying the cheap product in a store and then personalizing it yourself after is a great option!

4. A “Night In” box 

I did this for my dad a few years ago, but anyone will appreciate this! Buy a few goodies for a night in: movie, popcorn, lollies, blanket, pillow, book, music (iTunes voucher?), etc. Then, box it all up, label it “Girls Night In” or whatever suits, and voila! You have the perfect gift that your mother will love (and perhaps share with you)!

5. Traditional gifts

This covers all the gifts any mother would enjoy. If you have a bit of extra money to spend, these are also good options! Things like books, jewelry, clothes, sunglasses, accessories, phone cases, photo frames, bags, decor, perfume, and TV series all fit into this bracket.

6. More expensive gifts

If you have multiple siblings or your dad is stuck for ideas, consider putting all of your money together and grabbing something off her wishlist! A new phone, her computer fixed, that jacket she’s had her eye on for months now, a slow cooker, a smaller TV for her bedroom when the kids are hogging the family room one, or a brand new blow-dryer are all great examples for larger presents.

7. Tickets 

Whether it’s tickets for an artist she listens to in her car or on her Nokia, a band she proudly follows on Instagram, a live TV program in LA, or even plane tickets to see her parents for a few days, these never go unnoticed as a thoughtful and super exciting gift.

8. Cards

Sometimes a card is the best part — not because the present sucks but because the card is what comes from the heart. Making a card means a lot to mums, whether it turns out crappy or creative. They are born to love us no matter what anyway, right?

9. Affirmations

Sometimes all mothers want to hear is that they are doing okay. They need to know that they’re appreciated, and with a child’s kind words, this can be achieved easily. Remind them how beautiful they are and how much they mean to you. Little words go a long way.

10. Hugs!

Everyone loves hugs. You physically can’t go wrong.

11. Quality time

Lastly, spend time with them. Not only make your mother’s day, but yours too.

Have a lovely Mother’s Day, everyone!


TIP: Don’t forget that if you only have a little money to spend, your mother won’t want you to buy her something big. She will be worried that you’ve spent all your money on her and, depending on your age, may force you to swap it for something smaller. All mums want is the best for us, so if we move out with no cash, this will only make them panic. They are trained to panic; it’s what makes them so caring.

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