Protest to Demand Justice for The 43 Missing Students

Protesters in Mexico are calling for the resignation of President Enrique Peña Nieto after evidence was found that indicates that the 43 missing college students were murdered; their remains were found charred in a dump and in a river. Protesters are criticizing the government’s handling of the case, saying that they took too long to begin investigating and that they must start acting against violence caused by organized crime, which has become an uncomfortable norm throughout the country.


A storm blowing from Alaska will cause a cooling pattern to emerge among the rest of the lower US states, causing temperatures 10-35 degrees cooler than normal. (This will unfortunately skip California, a state much in need of cold air and water to relieve our drought.)


Considering applying to a music school? The Hollywood Reporter just complied a list of the best 25 music schools and universities in the world.


The city of Detroit is finally coming out of bankruptcy after a Judge approved its plan. Detroit has long had a revenue issue; it’s lacked enough residents to pay taxes to support its government and hasn’t been able to provide a list of essential services. City officials urge the remaining Detroit residents to band together and do the necessary work to restore the city back to its former glory.


Facebook is rolling out a new option for users who want to remain anonymous called Facebook Dark, which allows users to hide their activity from Internet tracking services and the government. This feature also potentially allows access to the social network in countries where Facebook is banned .


And, finally, be sure to make sure you’re actually home alone when you decide to dance around in your underwear while cleaning, or else your roommate might film you.

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