When It’s Unrequited Love

SaraAndreasson_Embrace2_web_670Your heart skips a beat…no wait, a few more. It’s that fuzzy feeling you get when you think about that guy you absolutely adore or admire. It’s that moment when you realize that your breathing gets heavy when you pass by them and your eyes follow their every move. Yes, you are in love (or at least crushing, but you get the idea).

The hardest thing about being in love is actually not having it reciprocated. It feels great to have someone you look forward to seeing everyday, but when they are either attached to somebody else or they just don’t have any idea you exist, then loving doesn’t necessarily fall in your favor.

So is it okay to leave it be? Well, first of all, let me tell you from experience how my unrequited love went down. So, I’ve been completely smitten with this guy for four years, right? Admiring him from a distance. Though he knows me and all,  he wasn’t — at first — very aware of how I felt for him.  But then everyone around (from his friends to mine) got the idea that I liked him, and it turned into a free for all. Everyone just loved teasing me while I denied it, but truthfully my feelings went on. He soon got a girlfriend (and broke up with her), but I still couldn’t manage to tell him anything. I was so afraid of what he’d say. In the end, I never got to actually tell him, in my own words, how much I liked him, until my feelings passed. Even though they did pass, I still do regret not telling him.

That is exactly what makes keeping unrequited loves, well, unrequited. We become afraid of telling the truth. We are scared of the circumstances that surround telling the truth. We know we’ll have to wait for them to think about what to say, and waiting for that response is agonizing. I know all this, but what I discovered was that the worst part is not getting to say it at all.

What I’m trying to say here is: Grab the chance. Make it happen. If it doesn’t work out, at least you got to say it. It will help you breathe. Or maybe if you are lucky enough, the one you like actually likes you back. A burden is lifted off of you, and you can either say it’s been reciprocated or you’ll just have to learn how to move on. Either way, it’s good for you, so carpe diem.

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