Where Did We Lose It by Dani Leshgold

girl window
Photo courtesy of Cassoday Harder

where did we lose it

i think somewhere along the way we lost the smiles and the kind words that radiated off our tongues

i think we lost the ideas we planted in each other’s heads

because now my head is only full of empty song lyrics and broken phrases

i think we broke somewhere along the way

and you took the serenity that finally circulated through my body

because now there’s noise

an abundance of words

not the kind ones that radiated off our tongues

but cold words

words that shatter images in my mind

and i don’t know what happened

from january to august

because when i used to write about you

i used words like symphony and color

now the color has drained

and the symphony is quiet

and the raging violins no longer play music that accompanies our synchronized voices

we’re left sitting in the dark

and neither of us let our vibrant voices roll off our tongues in harmony

there’s a silence in between the vacant expressions on our faces

and i don’t know where the violins ever went.






Dani LeshgoldDani Leshgold is in 10th grade and lives in Los Angeles, California. She gets her main joy in life from writing, whether its fiction or poetry. She’s found that writing is the most productive way to release creativity. Dani is also a movie fanatic and gets wrapped up in practically any storyline.



Cassoday Harder is a twenty-something photographer inspired by youth, femininity, and summer. View more of her work on Flickr or visit her website.

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