Human beings are like Skittles. Even though we have the same basic structure, each of us contains individuality and particular attraction. Unknowingly, we choose friends and get chosen as friends because of this.

It’s interesting to observe the different ways in which people enjoy this delicious snack. Some people divide the colors into groups, others like to play games, and there are even people who avoid the colors they don’t like; but, in general, none of us would buy a bag of Skittles that are only one color. I believe the same goes for our friendships…

Friends can be divided into different categories:

Yellow and Orange

We have the happy clapper friends that, to be honest, always look like the most promising friendships but turn out to be less pleasant than anticipated — which would be equal to yellow and orange Skittles. These people have a way of always seeing the positive side to things (except when it comes to their own situations) to such an extent that it becomes annoying. It seems like they are everywhere, and only a handful of people have these kinds of lifelong friends. Truth be told, they teach us not to stare blindly at the negativity of situations and to appreciate every moment of happiness — even if it is just a sliver.


The shy friends who tend to speak so little yet say so much when they do talk are quite similar to blue Skittles. They are very rare and hard to find, but when you do, you appreciate them even more. You never quite know if you enjoy their company because it is impossible to identify if they enjoy yours. They have the skill to observe to the finest detail. They teach us that silence is golden and that words can be used as weapons.

Purple and Black

Some people look unapproachable, and we mentally take note to avoid them, yet once we get to know the person behind the mask, we are continually amazed at their kind-hearted nature. These friends represent the purple and black Skittles.

Pink and Red

Popular, intelligent, and adored by all, these friends are those whom you choose first when you hear the words “group project.” There are always only a selected few, and there is the possibility that you might never have the chance to encounter such a friend. These are the pink and red Skittles of society. They maintain their perfect demeanor, yet we know that having too much of them is often a mistake. They take the lead but often need to be reminded of their humanistic flaws. They help us strive for more, aim higher, and achieve our goals.


Friends are like Skittles. We tend to have favorites, but this can vary daily as we never quite get the hang of remembering which we like best. Each of us has a lifelong friend, not always based on likes and dislikes or our mood of the day. Sometimes we close our eyes and let fate decide; most of the time we end up liking it more than we thought.

We can’t only stick to the friends we hand-pick. We need the other colors just as much. We need yellow Skittles to teach us that we must be more positive. We need blue Skittles to remind us to be humble. We need purple Skittles to teach us not to judge a book by its cover. We need red and pink Skittles to motivate us to aim higher. We need friends because it’s in that moment when you sit with a variety of colors without you choosing, jamming to a song you don’t like but laughing because of them — that’s when you realize it’s much more fun to close your eyes and indulge in the hand fate has dealt you.


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