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In our days, fashion and tastes change faster than the weather in spring. However, some things never change. All around the world, regardless of country and nation, ladies still dream of perfect boyfriends. We’re talking about the rarest breed of men today: gentlemen.

Unfortunately for girls, there are not that many gentlemen left, but those few can enjoy all the attention and love in the world. But how to tell the difference between a gentleman and just a good guy? Well, there are a few signs girls should keep an eye out for.

A true gentleman is always polite and courteous

Let’s start with the obvious things. Unlike most men that seem to have never heard of the elementary rules of decency, gentlemen never forget about them. You can be sure that only a true gentleman will never forget to tell you “please” when asking for something and “thank you” once you do this.

He minds his manners

His behavior and manners will always be the same, both alone with themselves and in the presence of other people. You’ll never see him picking his teeth with a fork, scratching his stomach after a meal, crashing on the couch with his legs wide apart, and doing other not so pleasant stuff most guys usually do.

For him, ladies always come first

A real gentleman will never allow himself to sit when a woman next to him is standing. Well, it’s not that you have a lot of chances to see him in public transport, anyway.

He’s a bit romantic

Guys like him are true boyfriend material. Only a gentleman can beautifully but gently care for a girl without tears and serenades under the window. His attention and compliments will never be too cloying or border on vulgarity. He always knows where the line between care and control is, so a relationship with a gentleman will never become a burden.

He keeps his word

For him, there are no ridiculous excuses. If a gentleman promised you something, be sure that he’ll surely keep his word.

He treats seniors with respect

He’ll never allow himself to be rude or inattentive towards the older generation. His attitude towards parents is always exemplary, and respect is an integral part of communication.

He finds common ground with kids

Avoiding rudeness and excessive vanity, he’ll always find a common language with a child. And as a rule, kids usually adore guys like him.

He’s always punctual

If you arrange a meeting at 4:30 pm, you should never look at your watch. A gentleman will arrive exactly on time, and you won’t have to wait for him for hours and then listen to cheap lies about him chasing a bank robber on a tricycle. A gentleman will never keep a girl waiting.

You’ll never hear him cursing

Well, maybe he can allow himself a few strong words a couple of times a week, but only when there’s no one around. Their emotions, even negative ones, usually acquire an adequate and polite form regardless of the circumstances. The speech of a gentleman is always immaculate.

He never gossips

Sitting in a bar and talking crap about his coworkers, girls at the next table, an old friend, and family isn’t about him at all. A true gentleman doesn’t accept behavior like this, and he’ll never say something indecent.

He doesn’t talk too much about himself

He’ll never bother you with his biography, hobbies, and all that personal stuff unless you’re his close friend. The object of your conversation will always be you or some neutral topic. Gentlemen never talk about themselves; they allow a woman to judge them by their actions.

He’s generous and unselfish

He’ll never, ever let a girl pay for him in the restaurant, but apart from that, he won’t allow her to get her wallet out of her purse unless she really wants to. And most importantly, if a man is a true gentleman, he’ll never make his companion feel like she owes him.



Maxim Pratsyuk: writer from Ukraine, dating advisor, and art lover.

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