window cat emotions
Photo courtesy of Natalie Chyi

It’s cloudy here, and I’m not sure I feel real.
Coffee never tastes the same twice, and there
is always a part of my body that smells like Fritos.
(Today my belly button. Yesterday the backs
of my earlobes.) In the mornings is when
I want you most. I didn’t not major in English
to be sitting here on a Sunday morning
Reading a badly translated version
of Rainer Maria Rilke, where the words
are stilted and out of order, For Going To Sleep
I lay my eyes upon you Wide, you come to me
and Let Not Go. I should be writing, always,
I should be writing and I should not want
to want you.





Karen Draper grew up in Knoxville, Tennessee, went to college in Missouri, and now lives in Los Angeles. She writes poetry to procrastinate working on her young adult novel manuscript. Find her on twitter and instagram @kurenable and at


Natalie Chyi is an 18-year-old from Hong Kong who has recently moved to London, where she will be studying law for the next three years. She started photography to capture moments and pretty things/people/light/scenes as she sees them, and that idea is what continues to fuel all of her work. Find more of her work on, Facebook, or Tumblr.

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