Work in Progress by Noor Dhingra

I am a work in progress.

My sentences don’t form in my head, just yet.

Instead, they form in mid-air while I’m trying too

Hard to find the right words to say, while time’s

Running up and I can’t quite articulate the way life makes me feel.


I am a work in progress.

I haven’t learnt the art of forgetfulness, just yet.

My arms and legs are covered in letters and digits,

Full of phone numbers and names and obscure places that

I’m dead worried that I will forget.


I am a work in progress.

I am not entirely complete, just yet.

I am trying to find myself in places and people and

Song lyrics, and I am slowly beginning to realise that

Some works of art never really reach a defined end.





11412388_701908406581569_300083040184797255_nNoor Dhingra is a 17-year-old high school student from New Delhi, India. She enjoys writing, reading, poetry, art, travelling, and ideas in general.

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