We, as humans, are powerful. We are so, so powerful. I mean, with all the resources we have, we potentially have the ability to do anything. Think about it. It may sound cool, but it is also dangerous. One false move sends us packing, and we are off to jail. One false move makes us lose our balance and fall off a ladder. One false move ruins any relationship we ever had. One false move… kills us.

I remember reading once that we could bite our finger off like a carrot, but our brain stops us. What if it didn’t? What if we forced our brain to let us and really tried to bite off our finger? Would it work? Yes. People actually have (I Googled it). That proves it: We are capable of so much, but most of the time our brain stops us. You could kiss the person next to you right now. You could drive a car, even if you are under 16. You could stop going to school. Quit your job. You could move to Iceland without even saying goodbye to anybody. Of course, all of these things have consequences, mostly really bad ones. Is that why we don’t do them? Is that why we stay? Out of fear? Is that a good way to do anything? Maybe, maybe not.

Maybe fear keeps us grounded. Who really knows? Will anyone ever know? There is so much we don’t know. I mean, who knows if anything is even real? Does anything matter? Yes. It makes us feel, it gives us experience, it gives us happiness. So what are we here for? I believe we are here to merely experience things. We should feel, we should learn, and we should live. If you were to die tomorrow, would that math test really matter? All anyone would care about is your safety, so there you have it. Your health is more important. Your health comes first.

My point here is that the world is big. We have power. We can do anything. That’s why there are terrorism attacks; these things are not difficult to pull off, just deeply frowned upon. We have so much power that it is crazy. We have access to guns and money and people. We have freedom. Our hands are not tied down, our heads are not weighed down, and our feet are not strapped down. We can skydive, we can fly in a plane, we can be presidents, we can be leaders. We can be and do anything at all. Go for it. Just don’t rush in. Think everything through. People say not to overthink, but overthinking is sometimes very necessary. Your career is a big decision. Look at every option, work it out, and then don’t let anything stop you. Do you enjoy drawing? Do you enjoy writing? Do you enjoy dancing, drama, soccer? Go for it. Try so exceedingly hard. You have power. Make it happen. Force it until it’s real. Do it, and love it. The sky is not the limit; there are always other pathways to space.

You own the power. You own the strength. You own this life, so make it worth something. Make it yours.


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