Photo courtesy of Cassoday Harder

i.  you ask for more – for:
pieces of my soul
memories, thoughts, words
tears and hurt
years worth of pain
and anger that cuts;
demons and darkness
swirling at the edges;
all my insecurities
bouncing inside of me
waiting to burst out.

ii.  you ask for everything – for:
empty wishes and fake smiles
and the suppressed fears
that gnaw at my insides;
the outbursts and tantrums –
all that i hold back.

iii.  you ask for anything — for:
a handful of happiness
a pinch of misery
a scrap of rage
something to tide you over
until the next time we meet,
when you’ll ask for more.





Rachana Hegde is an aspiring teen writer and book lover. When she isn’t immersed in young adult literature or penning poetry and short stories, you can find her on Twitter (@inkylove16), following and tweeting to other writers and bloggers.

Cassoday Harder 
is a twenty-year-old photographer inspired by youth, femininity, and summer. View more of her work on Flickr or visit her website.

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