Hey, it’s me, and here’s something for you :

You may be hella’ short or tall, skinny or plump, might have a unique skin shade and be scarred or maybe not. Or perhaps you’re devastated or alone or confused or phobic or suffering from an ailment or dumped or depressed or inflicting pain on oneself or having suicidal thoughts quite often or not. You probably have chapped lips, acne, and thin and brittle hair or not. You supposedly have a toned body, crystal clear skin, dark blue captivating eyes, the perfect life, and the perfect guy or maybe not. You might have dark circles underneath your eyes, not have golden specks in em’, and mostly wear spectacles all the damn time or maybe not. You possibly have encountered thousands of negative emotions, doubted your very existence in this universe, not considered yourself worthy enough, and underestimated yourself without discovering who you truly are, the real you.

I’ve heard this word in every nook and corner, and it rarely seems to be unfamiliar to anyone anymore. What is beautiful, anyway? It’s nothing more than a set of letters strung together to make a word. Beauty doesn’t mean having a gorgeous face but a beautiful soul. To be beautiful is to be you. Easy? Ha, you’re wrong, honey. You’ve a long way to go about that.

You are imperfect, inevitably flawed for as long as you shall live, and still, absolutely beautiful. When you love yourself enough, and give up the art of perfectionism aka the killer of joy, you’ll notice something different—a difference that will bestow upon you an overwhelming sense of joy. Perfection is found in accepting your imperfections. Your grades don’t define how smart you are, your Instagram followers and your aesthetic feed don’t define your worth, and, above all, people’s opinions don’t define who you are. At the end, what matters is what you think and feel about yourself. If your opinion is different, never ever be afraid to say it and to make this shallow world a better place to live in. Like Maya Angelou said, “You alone are enough. You have nothing to prove to anybody.” Put yourself first, before anything else in this entire universe. Exhale the negativity. Embrace your worthiness. Just love yourself to Pluto and back, because you know it, there ain’t somebody like you.


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    1. i wrote this self- help article particularly to lighten someone’s burden or brighten someone’s world. you genuinely made me happy and i thank you for that, c.

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