Your Style Guide to Prom

Corsage” by Tai Gray/ CC BY-SA 2.0

You can completely accomplish a fabulous prom without starting 2-3 months in advance. However, for those of you who like to be prepared and get ahead of the game, stay tuned.

Some people will find some of these things silly (like fake tanning). I simply included anything anyone could possibly need to do before prom and when to do it.


2-3 months in advance:

  •  Score a dress. The reason you should do this now is so that 1) you have dibs  and 2) you can get alterations.
  • Once you have your dress, schedule an appointment to get any alterations you may need.
  • Keep your eye out for shoes and jewelry if you don’t already have those.

2 months in advance:

  • If you are planning on getting your hair and makeup done, schedule your appointment now. Since most proms are around the same time, salons will fill up fast!
  • If you are planning to do your own hair and makeup, start looking up tutorials and practicing. You do not want to discover the day of prom that smokey eyes are harder than they look.

1 month in advance:

  • Confirm your pre/post-prom plans. This includes pre-proms, parties, transportation, etc.
  • Have your shoes and start breaking them in.

2 weeks in advance:

  • If you are bringing a date, call the florist to order a corsage/boutonniere
  • Start using your fake tanner. If you want a bit of a summer glow on prom, I have the project for you. Jergens natural glow moisturizer will give you a natural tan instead of an expensive spray tan or harsh tanning bed. I definitely recommend it!
  • Start teeth whitening. You can use whitening strips or a whitening mouthwash.
  • Confirm your reservations for hair and makeup (if that’s the route you took).

1 week in advance:

  • Get a facial (if you’re into that). If you decide to do so, do not do it a few days before in case you break out!
  • Get your eyebrows (and any other waxing) done. Again, do not do this a few days before in case of any red marks or break outs.

Day before:

  • Do your nails or get them done.
  • Get a good nights sleep.

Day of:

  • Pick up your corsage/boutonniere
  • Do your hair and makeup or get your hair and makeup done



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