As summer comes to an end, it seems like a great time to rekindle that relaxed and fun-loving feeling we’ve had for the past couple of months with the perfect retro, beach-y soundtrack. Who better to provide such a soundtrack than the aptly-named band Beach Day?

From Hollywood, Florida, comes the duo Kimmy Drake (vocals & guitar) and Skyler Black (drums). I got the chance to talk to them about their inspirations and experiences that keep them writing their music, which can take us all on an insta-vacation whenever it plays.

beach day

Germ Magazine: Hello, and thank you for agreeing to speak with me!

Let’s get started with how you got into music and then eventually came to form Beach Day.

Kimmy: Skyler and I started Beach Day in late 2011. We both grew up on ’60s music. A lot of girl groups, Jackson Five, Ventures. We were in another band together. When practice was over one day, Skyler said, “You know what I really like to do?” And then he played a Ventures drum beat. I got so excited because I never met anyone who loved ’60s surf music until I met him. It was like serendipity.

I played in a few different bands before Beach Day, but no one really understood my taste. People were, like, into different sh*t around Miami — like pop punk or Tool or nu metal, which I just never could get into. It was beyond hard to put a band together. It definitely wasn’t how it is now. People are more into garage rock now because it’s trendy. Which is fine with me!


GM: Awesome. So, who or what inspires you — musically or otherwise?

Kimmy: I get inspired by small moments, big moments, pure emotions.


GM: How would you describe your music to someone who has never heard it before?

Kimmy: Surfy, punky, garagey, rebellious, and unruly!


GM: That sounds amazing; I love it! I talk a lot about women in the music industry because it is far too rare. What has been your experience as a female-fronted band in such a heavily male-dominated industry?

Beach-DayKimmy: In articles about women in bands, a lot of times they’ll just talk about your style or your clothes and take the focus off of your music — which I think really blows. I wish people would ask me more about producing our first record. I think there needs to be more women producers, and women need to get the credit they deserve when they produce their music.

If there’s a band with women in it, people always expect that there’s a guy behind their sound or their songs — like Courtney Love, for example. I don’t know how many times I’ve heard someone say Kurt Cobain wrote all of Hole’s songs. It’s a disappointment to hear that. Like your boyfriend has to write all your stuff just because you have a vagina. It’s dumb. I think it’s slowly shifting, though. I have hope that we’ll see a ton more women producers in the next few years.


GM: That’s great. What has been your favorite part about being Beach Day?

Kimmy: Touring is super fun. I love traveling. Even before I was in a touring band, I traveled a lot. I really, really love our fans, though. We’re a super small band, and the fans we have are so loyal. I love making stuff for them, whether it’s tee shirts or records. I feel like they really get me.


GM: Do you have any funny stories or instances of things that have happened during a show?

Kimmy: One time we were playing in Maryland, and it was this guys 21st birthday, and he came out to see us. So we bought him shots! And he went bonkers doing like full somersaults in front of the stage for like our whole show. It was the best.


GM: Oh my goodness! That’s incredible. What advice would you give to anyone who is creating in some way or another, as many of our readers are?

Kimmy: Keep creating, keep dreaming, but, most importantly, keep doing. It’s awesome to be a dreamer, but to make your dreams come true you’ve gotta set goals and try to make them happen. Also, meditation is good. And intent is everything.


GM: Great. Finally, where can we find you and your music?

Kimmy: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram


GM: Thank you again for taking part in this. I really appreciate your time!

Check out the video for Beach Day’s song “Walking on the Streets”:

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As always, if you know a local band that you think deserves some recognition, let me know, and I’ll check them out. Maybe you’ll see them on Germ in the future!

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