From Chicago comes a soulful voice that seems to have experienced multiple lifetimes’ worth. Joslyn-Marie has a way of channeling everyday events — big and small — into every song she sings, whether it’s an original or a cover. It’s the kind of voice you don’t want to bog down with too many instruments. Just give her a simple piano accompaniment and watch her go.

I got the chance to speak with Joslyn-Marie about her experiences in the industry, how she’s using an upcoming music video to cope with loss, and much more!


Germ Magazine: Let’s begin with how you got into music. When did you know this was something you could and wanted to pursue?

Joslyn-Marie: I started out with music at a pretty young age. Both of my parents are huge music lovers and always had it blasting around the house. My dad would have The Temptations to The Beatles playing on a daily basis. Then my mom would have Tina Turner to Michael Jackson playing to Mozart. I always had music surrounding me and started singing to the music at a young age — around 2. I wanted to dance in my gold dress and sing songs for my friends and family instead of playing with toys. The idea of performing was my passion right off the bat, and my parents noticed it. I was enrolled in voice lessons by age 6 and joined a wedding band that performed weddings, corporate events, and city festivals almost every weekend. I was hooked with performing from a young age and wanted to grow more as an artist. So in my teenage years, I started to write songs and taught myself how to play piano. It has been an upward movement since then with my love of music.


GM: Where do you find inspiration for your music?

Joslyn-Marie: I found inspiration from my family when I was younger, just constantly being surrounded by it. Currently, I find inspiration for my music through life events that happen. Rather if it’s something that affected my regular day or someone I love and their day. Soon after I graduated high school, I became more outspoken and wrote songs to reflect some of my friends and their struggles through high school. For instance, if someone I was close to was picked on for having a big nose, I would write a verse in one of my songs to reflect how it was okay to be different and love what you have. I find inspiration through everyday life, and sometimes if I have writer’s block, I will go to the park and get inspiration by people watching. Then there are times when our country goes into major wars, and I write songs about the emotions that people are feeling or what I can imagine people are feeling. (Example Song: “The Unknown“)


GM: How would you describe your sound to someone who has never heard it?

Joslyn-Marie: I am a soul singer. I write songs and sing directly from within my soul and present it for you, the listener. I try to create songs that will stir emotions — hopefully positive and none negative — and can hopefully create a sense of harmony within yourself. That is my sound and that is what I do and want to achieve for many through my music.


GM: As a woman in music — a notoriously male-dominated industry — has it been difficult for you at all to be heard or taken seriously?

Joslyn-Marie: It has been difficult as a woman in the music industry because you are judged harder and not given an easy path. But I personally like to have challenges because it makes me work harder. Then when I accomplish something, I feel like I am capable to do even more. As a woman it will always be harder, but don’t ever let that discourage you. We are capable to do just as much as a man. Without us there would be no men walking around. 🙂


12695034_778318828967809_9041867985707438855_oGM: Good point. I saw that you’re currently making a video for your song “Miss You” and that you’re using fan-submitted clips for it. How did this idea come about, and what are you hoping to accomplish with it?

Joslyn-Marie: YES! I lost one of my best friends/brother-in-law to cancer two years ago. And it has been so hard trying to cope with the realization of him never returning. I often look at pictures or videos of our great times together and smile. Those pictures and the videos I have will forever be there, unlike us human beings. And this is something that we have to accept. We are not guaranteed to be here forever. I realized that everyone has in one time or eventually will lose someone that they love or were fond of. All we ever have will be the memory of them. And that is how I came up with having my family and friends/fans send me their pictures or videos of their loved ones who have already passed. I wanted to find a way to feel a sense of unity with something that hurts so much.


GM: I’m so sorry for your loss, but it’s truly amazing that you’re channeling it into something so positive and unifying. Good for you!

Do you have any advice for young writers and creators?

Joslyn-Marie: Be yourself. It may take some time to figure out who you are exactly, but remember to document your life and stay true to yourself. We live in a time where you are able to record or write down anything that pops up into your head the moment that it is a thought. Even if you feel like it may be a pointless thought at the current moment, it doesn’t mean that it’s a dumb idea or thought a few years from now. You never know when you can use it at another time in your life. You are an artist, so embrace it.

You need to live life in order to feel and create, so make sure to enjoy it as much as you can. Once you know your drive or purpose for what you are writing or creating, collect, organize, and present what you want to be heard from your creation. But always remember to be yourself.


GM: What can we expect next from you?

Joslyn-Marie: I am currently finishing up new music in the studio. I will be releasing an EP by September. I am playing shows in Chicago and New York this month and am planning on going on tour in fall. I am super excited for this chapter in my life because it has been something I have wanted since FOREVER!!


GM: Can’t wait! Finally, where can we find you and your music?

Joslyn-Marie: You can find everything you need to know about me on my website. Feel free to follow me on Twitter, IG, SnapChat, or Facebook — @JoslynSinger!!!! I am on iTunes, Soundcloud, and Spotify too! 🙂


GM: Thanks again for being interviewed! I look forward to what comes next.


Check out the video to Joslyn-Marie’s song “Universal Feeling”:

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