A rising Canadian star, Jules is a 15-year-old with a bright future. This indie pop artist belongs with the best of them. Her music is fun, catchy, and makes the best pretend life-movie soundtrack ever. (Don’t pretend you don’t do it.) Having an after-school career seems stressful, but you’d never know from Jules’ stunning songs. Who knows, maybe she really is Super Girl?

I got the chance to talk to Jules about her sound, various awards and competitions, and more!


Germ Magazine: Hello, and thanks for agreeing to this interview!

Let’s start with how you got into music. When did you know this was something you could and wanted to pursue?

Jules: I was 6, and my daddy bought me a toy red guitar, and as soon as I held it I just knew. Then when I was 8, my parents took me to a KISS concert, and I remember saying, “Daddy, I wanna be that one day.” Now — I’m not on stage in 7 inch heels and wearing face paint, but I still wanna be a rockstar!


GM: Where do you find inspiration for your music?

Jules: It’s difficult to find inspiration when you’re 15 and haven’t really “LIVED,” but there are situations that present themselves that move me to write. For example, someone going through a breakup, or the joy of feeling at home when you see the city’s lights. My music is how I want to live and what I think life should be. Life should be fun and interesting, and I try to show that in my music! I want people to love life while listening to my music.


GM: That’s great! Your music has already received recognition from some amazing performers and judges. What has that been like?

Jules: It’s an amazing feeling to know that people have connected with my music. It makes me want to keep going with this career. Having the recognition I have received so far — it’s a great step into the industry.  I was just awarded FACTOR Juried Sound Recording funding to record my new album, and I’m not going to lie, this is a huge accomplishment and I could not be happier. Being a semi-finalist in Unsigned Only Contest was unreal; it is a worldwide contest, and I was one of the semi-finalists… That’s crazy!!!!!


GM: Congratulations! That’s amazing. I tend to try and highlight females in the music industry because they so often aren’t as recognized and respected as their male counterparts. Is this something that you’ve at all experienced or seen?

Jules: I myself have not experienced this, but I do know that women are not recognized or respected as much as males in the industry. Women aren’t paid as much, and they have to work harder to find a job; some are looked at as weak and sometimes we are not treated as equals. I just think that us girls have to stick together to show all the “dudes” that women kick ass in this industry and others.


GM: Do you have any upcoming projects you can tell us about?

Jules: I am releasing a new album in the fall! So right now I’m just writing and getting things into place, working with new people and producers like Rob Wells, Murray Daigle, Bobby JohnMarc MinicuciConnor Santucci, to name a few. All very talented people. This album is going to be a good one, I must say!

I am also working on a cancer awareness campaign for my song “My Little Soldier.” There will be a video and campaign that viewers will be able to donate to Princess Margaret Hospital. All the proceeds will go to cancer research. Watching someone suffer and pass away from cancer touched my heart. I want the world to be touched when they see this video.


jules-boothGM: Wow! A lot coming up for you. I can’t wait to see it all. Do you have any advice for young writers and creators like yourself?

Jules: Just keep doing what you’re doing, and DO NOT let anyone get in your way! Do what you love and have fun while doing it. Get the right people behind you that you trust. The main thing to do is play! PLAY THE MUSIC!!!! PERFORM THE MUSIC!!!! You have to work at and put in the effort, and you also just need to love it.


GM: Great advice. Finally, where can we find you and your music?

Jules: My music is on iTunes under “Jules Heart of Armor” and on my website.

So — I am 15 doing what I love, wanting to be a rockstar on a big stage with bright lights with loud music and screaming people just loving my songs. It’s a big dream, but it can happen. I know it!!


GM: Thanks again for being a part of this. Your music is amazing, and you have so much talent. I can’t wait to see what else you will accomplish.


Check out the video to Jules’ song “Super Girl”:

[su_youtube url=”https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S3U12Z7kY0s” width=”480″ height=”300″][/su_youtube]

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