It’s ok if you’re unsure,
And don’t know how to feel;
If you lay awake at night and wonder
Which parts of life are real.
You’ve only just turned twenty,
And life has been a dream,
But now you start to think about
Whether it’s what it seems.
What if you’re too quiet?
Do people think as such?
What if you tend to ramble?
Or simply think too much?
Have you been in love yet?
Or just tell yourself so?
How well do you understand things?
How much do you know?
And it can feel like drowning
In your very own existence
And I know you’ve tried so hard
But there’s no point to resistance.
I hope you know that it’s ok
To not know who you are
And the problems that you have right now
Will one day just be scars.
So I hope that for tonight at least,
You’ll give yourself a rest
And when you wake up in the morning,
You’ll know you’re at your best.



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